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Up until recently I owned a Yaesu FT-726R, a dual band all mode radio from the mid 80's. It was 10w output so it fed linear amplifiers for both the 2m band and the 70cm bands.

It worked extremely well but its downfall was the lack of activity on both the vhf and uhf bands. I feel that this was brought about by the change in licencing in the UK. In the 80's class B licences were limited to vhf and above so the bands were well used. Ever since the removal of the 12wpm morse requirement, why would anyone be interested in a primarily short range communications band when worldwide contacts can be had on HF using a lot less power than on vhf or uhf. I don't consider it a fault of the individual amateurs but the whole licencing situation.

Either way... because of the lack of activity I sold the radio and have now taken down the antennas, concentrating now on HF like everyone else!


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