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Astron RS-35A

astron psu


I bought this PSU off E-Bay rather cheaply because I needed a second power supply as a stand by unit. It works well but was missing an ammeter and a power light.


Actually fitting the extra bits was very easy, the hard bit was cutting the hole in the front for the meter. I bought a 3.5 digit from Hong Kong and fitted it into the case. I also drilled a hole above the power switch and added the ultrabright blue led. You will see that I like blue led's, probably because I had about 100 of them left over from a PC modification project!

What you can't see in that picture are the extra holes I drilled into the sides of the case to increase the internal ventilation.

I must apologise for the poor photo, it was taken with my mobile phone and it was hard to get it to focus with the blue lights confusing it.

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