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Clansman Dipole/Long wire

The clansman dipole antenna is literally a pair of wires on winders with a centre section. You don't even have to use the centre section with the PRC320, connecting the wires direct to the radio

. CentreWire

Notice the cable ties on the wire. These are colour coded and set at specific distances apart so it is just a matter of counting the colour markers as shown on the top of the PRC320 to set the antenna to the correct length for the operating frequency. Each spool contains 47 metres of wire. There are two actual types, a lighter green wire and a darker green wire. The lighter wire is a braid around a Kevlar core, the darker is a mesh over a cord. Both are incredibly strong, being designed to withstand abuse and rough treatment.


The dipole centre is just that, a block with a coax connector and two terminals to attach the wire. Again, there are two types, a light weight one with a bnc connector and a heavy weight one with a c type connector for higher power use. Even the light one would be perfectly usable at 200w, the heavier one at much more. None of the standard clansman radios put out anywhere near that much RF without use of the external amplifier that is available for the VRC321 ant that is designed to give out 250w.


Long Wire

The long wire antenna is exactly the same as the dipole wire.... you just connect it diectly to the radio, again, using the measurements given on the top of the PRC320.


PRC320 ATU Chart

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