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Airfields on The Air 2011

On the 2nd/3rd April 2011, the club put on a staition for Airfields on the Air in association with RAFARS. The club site is based on an old wartime airfield and as such qualifies for the purpouse of the event. For two weeks prior to the event various club members were clearing the land round the shack, preparing for moving the flagpole to the centre of the area so that we could install a new, longer well as put the VHF/UHF antennas on the main club tower.

We set up four active staions, using all of the club callsigns and we were active on all bands from top band to 70cm.

The event went fine up until the time the SPDX contest started, which pretty much wiped out all of the UK contacts on every HF band and making international contacts very hard to acheive due to the extremely high power used by Polish stations and the sheer volume of active stations taking every frequency on the band. On HF the main station GB2HAM made over a hundred good contacts with GX5KN making a lot of contacts using PSK31. The second HF station was working other bands and ended up giving points away in the contest just to maintain activity!


The antennas all set up.

The Yaesu FT-950 in the shack set up as the primary station.


M0CJT Sandy taking a break!

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