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Welcome to my Amateur Radio Page

Here is where you can find out a little about me, my interests and some of my pictures. It isn't going to be the ultimate technical resource, neither is it going to be my full autobiography but if you stick around you will learn a little bit about me, a bit more about amateur radio (if you are not a radio ham), maybe a bit about electronics and the art of PC customising.

A Little About Me

My name is George and I'm 44 years old. I was born in Edgware, NW London and lived in Harrow for the next 21 years.

Fast forward to today and here I am, married and with two daughters, aged 11 and 12 years. I live in Northampton, which is not that far away from the city of Birmingham and about 100Km north of London. My two daughters are licenced, the eldest is 2E0YXZ and the youngest is M6SNO.

QSL Info

I love getting QSL cards. I always reply to cards and send out a lot myself. I prefer direct, but via the bureau is fine although that can take a very long time. If you want a card then it isn't a problem. if you enclose either $2 or new ircs then I will send the card the same day as I get yours. If you send it without then I will return the card via the bureau. If you are not in a hurry then via the bureau is fine both ways.

E-QSL is automatic, as is HRDLog and LOTW. I also upload my logbook to My Callsign is verified on all the sites.

Other Information

Northampton is the county town of Northamptonshire and has the privilege of being known as the shoe making capital of the country. Unfortunately, the industry has died down but there are still some firms in the county. The yellow dot on the map shows where in the country I am.


I enjoy using a variety of modes although my flirtation with psk has waned recently I still look around the bands for digital DX.

I do still talk to people though! I still get a thrill when I get through the pile of other stations to talk to the rare callsign or special event station. I don't mind a chat either, if you want to set the world to rights or discuss antennae and radios then we could talk each other to death!

When i'm not operating. I like playing with antennas. I have moved away from commercial products and enjoy building my own. It gives me a greater sense of satisfaction to make contacts on something built out of bits and pieces and for a fraction of the price of a commercial equivalent. I do have a couple of commercial antennas though, a PMR UHF Four Stack and a 2m 3x5/8ths wave colinear. I also have a commercial UHF beam, made in 1980 and first taken out of the box in 2010!

You can see more about my antennae on the relevant page here.

I am also an active member of Kettering and District Amateur Radio Society, and you can find me there almost every Tuesday night and Sunday from around 10am. The club has its own shack and meeting room based on a secret wartime airfield near the village of Harrington. This was one of the airfields where agents and supplies were flown into europe during WW2. After the war it fell into disuse before being a site for the UK nuclear missiles. It has since returned to being farmland but the original operations building now houses a museum. for more information on the Club please visit and for more information on the airfield and its history go to

I also am one of the tutors for all levels of UK amateur licence categories so if you are looking to upgrade your licence or even get your first one then come along to the club and have a chat with me and we can work out what sort of tuition you need, whether you are starting from scratch or if you are a rocket scientist! (I did actually do the practical tuition for a group of rocket scientists)

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