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HF Radio

I have had a full HF license since 1988 when I passed the UK 12 words a minute morse code test. Since then I have been active across the bands although there have been breaks in my radio activity. I vary bands according to time of day and propagation conditions.

Current setup

My main station consists of an Icom IC-7200 connected to an amplifier, a Ranger 811K and then into an ATU made by Palstar. From that point it can be switched to any one of the various antennae I have installed depending on band.

My Shack....


I don't have a favourite band to operate on but I tend to follow activity. I look out on the DX cluster for rare or unusual callsigns or for countries I have not worked on that particular band. I use Ham Radio Deluxe to keep my log and to keep track of my needed countries.


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George Christofi

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