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Multiband Doublet

This is a simple antenna, just 30 metres of wire cut in the middle and fed with 450 ohm ladder line. Because my garden isn't quite 30m long, one end drops down vertically. I had one end supported from the same pole as the vhf colinear and the other end in a tree at the very end of the garden. I had the centre supported by 10m of aluminium pole with another 4 metres of fibreglass pole on top of that. As most of the current is at the centre getting that high as possible.

The doublet is on the right hand side.

In operation, it worked fantastically well on 80m and every other band except for 15m which it seemed to struggle with. Using that antenna got me a score of 200+ contacts one month in the RSGB 80m Club Contest. I used to use it on 20m and above but after building the delta loop I found that it was a noisier antenna and so kept it for the lower bands where the delta didn't tune.

I'm in the process of having a switch around of all my antennas and I am still deciding what sort of low band antenna to try next.

Ok, to continue....

I had a think and was looking around at various different commercial antennas, a lot of designs on the web and in real books and decided to just replace the doublet in a different location. Had the shuffle round and installed a 10 metre high flagpole at the top of the garden. I also fixed a 10 metre pole to the very front of the house. I tried at first to just use these two poles for support but the middle sagged too much. I used the pole that used to hold the delta loop up with a smaller pole clamped to it... and then a 7 metre fishing pole on top of that! With the height difference in my garden this has made the whole antenna a flat top from front to back.

So this picture shows my house as it is now. Looking from left to right, the flagpole at the rear (with skull and crossbones flag) holds one end of the doublet, the 20m delta loop next and then the centre support for the doublet. After that comes the 10m 5/8ths wave vertical, the tv antenna and then the 10m pole for the front end of the doublet.

The wires running across the picture are telephone cables, even though most have the service via underground cables, there are still overhead cables running to pretty much every house in the street, including mine!

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