My Personal Space


I was born in London, England in the middle of the 1960's. Up until my 20's I lived in Harrow, on the NM edge of the city. From there, I was living just outside Watford where I met my wife to be, and a couple of years passed. in 1998 we moved to St. Neots in Cambridgeshire, we got married and had the first of two daughters, shortly followed fifteen months later by the second. Another couple of years passed and we moved to our current location on the outskirts of Northampton, the county town of Northamptonshire.

Work and Working Life

I have pretty much worked constantly since leaving school in 1983 except for 18 months around 8 years ago because of health issues. Currently, my day job is Yard Supervisor/Shunter, a big way of saying I move articulated lorry trailers around as well as do general vehicle maintenance. I work the night shift, preferring it to days.

Past Careers

In other times I have worked a number and variety of jobs from building and testing two way radios, antenna installation, security systems engineer, factory production line operator/supervisor, freelance IT. consultant, building site labourer, van driver and heavy goods driver.

Looking forward

Not really ever been a long term sort of person. I tend to live each day as it comes. Sure, I look forward to holidays, birthdays and sometimes Christmas but have never made real long term goals because past experienxe has told me that something will happen to completely screw those plans up.

Hobbies and Interests

Brief overview.. Electronics, Amateur Radio, Computing, Photography and videography, Music and Guinea Pigs. I also have an interest in stage and effects lighting as well as amplification for live music. If you stay on this site there are pages for each in greater depth. I have my own YouTube channel where I can do multiple hobbies at once, usually electronics and video creation

Looking forward


So there you have it. Me in little more than two hundred words.