My Channel


I have been using YouTube for a while now but only decided to start creating content in August 2015. It started out as a response to a video I watched and it developed into the current format over the last couple of years.

Welcome Video

My Content

I primarily do electronics based content, sometimes building small kits, other times restoring vintage equipment. I also have a strong interest in valve (tube) based electronics so I build valve amplifiers for guitar use. I am considering building a stereo HiFi amp as well.


I try to get at least one video a week out but sometimes life gets in the way. Other times I will release multiple short videos in a week if I'm on a roll! If I get through things in one or two takes then it makes editing simple. Sometimes it goes very very wrong..

My Equipment

I started out with a simple camera with sound capability and have slowly progressed to my current setup. I use a Nikon D5300 DSLR with an external recorder, a Tascam DR60D Mk2. I have various microphones for recording, primarily made by Rode but also a vintage Sure Highball and a cheap Chinese condenser mic. I could go into details of all the other bits such as lenses, lighting, adaptor brackets, camera mounts and even the pro grade audio cables but that would just be willy waving.


I use Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Adobe Audition as my editing software. Also connected to the computer is an Alesis mixer which allows me to add audio tracks to video as well as doing voice overs. The best part of the editing system is the AudioTechnica headphones. After moving to a good set of cans from cheap ones the difference is amazing. It also shows up flaws in the sound better than anything else. I would say that they are the most important part of the editing process.

Looking forward

So what does the future hold? I don't know. It all depends on what I get my hands on or what I buy. I am always on the lookout for electronics of any sort in the hope that it will make a reasonable video for the channel. I scour recycling shops, bins, and skips for stuff that people throw out. I scan the free ads to find 'free to a good home' stuff. If you want to send me stuff then feel free!


So thats the YouTube story here. Go to the channel, have a watch, like and subscribe.