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about me

Hi, I'm Xenia, a penultimate-year BSC Computer Science student at the University of Surrey. I'm currently exploring all areas of the discipline; I have previous front-end web development experience but I am looking to expand my experience in areas such as cybersecurity, back-end web development, and mobile app development.

I was introduced to the concept of programming when my friend introduced me to Scratch as a 9 year old. I learned HTML thanks to the children’s site Neopets shortly after and from then on I started looking further into web development. I undertook work experience at a local digital marketing agency where I had an in-depth insight into web technologies such as PHP + MySQL to integrate a back-end and a brief overview of JavaScript and Angular for fluid, dynamic sites.

my skills


  • Web: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
  • Object-oriented: Java
  • Some experience: C/C#, Python, Angular, Sass/SCSS


  • Photoshop: intermediate proficiency
  • Illustrator: basic proficiency


  • Playing rock/metal and jazz guitar
  • Seeing concerts and live music
  • Cooking and baking

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