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20/07/15- day 1 of NCS

Hi! Today's been interesting; it was the first day of a 4 week programme called NCS. This morning I got up and checked that I have all that I needed (spoiler alert: I forgot my sunglasses and snapback) I then went into town with my suitcase and sleeping bag to wait for the bus. God, I don't think I've ever been so nervous! I made a friend quickly though and sat on the bus with a girl called Nadia. The bus drive was pretty uneventful really, so it was a little boring but it was only an hour and forty-five. When we got to camp, we had a quick introduction and were shown to our tents. I had to ask my leader to put me in boys' camp so I have a tent to myself! :D We had some lunch here if we didn't eat it on the coach and then were shown around the whole site. It was a lot to take in, but I'll get used to it. After lunch, we had some free time and I talked to some of the other lads here and watched some of them play football with the staff. I was binding so I couldn't play, but I wish I could have. We had dinner and it was alright, there were chicken fajitas and cheese, with brownies for dessert. We had some team time with our leader, Adam and did a challenge to see which team could make the best parachute for an egg, but ours failed before we even began :P One boy was particularly gross and we have videos of him doing dares that made some of the team and I feel sick, but that feels too disgusting for the internet. :S Before bed, we went to the campfire and sang some repeat-after-me songs, which was fun, and got snuggled up into our sleeping bags when that finished (well most of us, it's pretty noisy right now) See you soon!