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The Internets Most Wanted

Do not approach these people. Consider them memed and dangerous.

George on YouTube

George Christofi, the bloke from YouTube. Links and pics to some of the stuff from the YouTube videos

Georges other stuff

Georges other Hobbies. Amateur Radio, Photography The family and the other stuff that most people except stalkers find boring


The boss has her own pages. Definitely worth a look for sure

Xenia Christofi

If you are into extreme sports then antagonising her will give you the rush you always were seeking... up until you realise you are staring at your dying heart, ripped from your chest without you noticing it happening until too late.

The Piggy Boys

Darth and Pumba. Guinea Pigs extraodinaire. They also are film stars as well as poo machines. Both are great method actors specialising in roles for guinea pigs.


What others have said about us (mostly without coersion)

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